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On Saturday, my sister and I went to the Garth Brooks concert at Phillips Arena.

It was awesome.

I've wanted to see Garth Brooks live since I knew what a music concert was. So, basically, all my life. He's also the only artist I've ever thought, "I want to go to a concert." I don't care about anyone else. The last time he was in Atlanta was when I was 10 so there's no way I was going to see him then. I had to settle for his Double Live CD, which I listened to a lot. Which is actually saying something because I don't really like the quality of "live recordings."

It's pretty much the only item on my bucket list. So imagine my excitement when he not only announced he was doing a world tour, but that he was coming to Atlanta.

My sister decided we'd take MARTA. This would make it the second time I've been on MARTA even though I've lived in the area all my life. We don't go to metro Atlanta we avoid it like a plague.

So yeah. I had a good weekend.

The kitten, Ceres, is doing well. Dusk hates her, but Dusk pretty much hates anything that comes into her space. I'll be so happy when the kitten finally starts eating because she's starting to fight the bottle, but she doesn't understand eating like an adult cat. We're presently at this unhappy state where my hands are covered in tiny tiny claw marks. She does, for the most part, grasp the concept of the litter box. There are accidents but she usually goes in the box.

My family doesn't like the name Ceres. My mother can't seem to be able to say it. They keep trying to get me to name it other things. My brother wants to call her Cob---because Ceres is the goddess of corn (therefore Corn on the COB) and also because it's short for cobwebs, since we found her under the house. Then my brother and sister both think I should give it a name starting with M, since she's got the typical tabby cat "M" on her forehead. She's got a calico coloring, with tabby like markings. I found this makes her a "caliby."

Anyway where was I.

Oh yes, the want me to name her something other than Ceres.

I'm just all like, I bottle feed this tiny creature at least three, four times a day, if I want to call it Turd Face I have a RIGHT to call it Turd Face.

...Not that I'm going to call her Turd Face.
25 June 2014 @ 05:45 pm
Its that time of year again! Dusk's taming day.

I thought I'd go a completely different direction with this year's picture, and post her as a kitten~

24 June 2011 @ 09:25 pm
It is that time of year again~!  Dusk's Day.

Happy four years, Duskblade < 3

Yes I know the box says Desk.  It was the box I stored all my desk stuff in when I was living in the creepy place.  The other side of the box has it converted to say Dusk. It would figure I took a picture on the side where it still says Desk.
24 June 2010 @ 05:40 pm
It's that time of year again!

Yes, where I make a post telling you just how long I've had my kitt-eh!

As always, I had her a few weeks before this date years ago, but this is the day she seemed to finaly accept her status as housecat.

Anyway, happy third year, you fat-tastic cat.



15 April 2010 @ 12:47 pm
So, the room's getting close to finished~!  The closet just needs to be sanded.

Then the painting starts, which I've roped shenanagan into helping me with.  At first I wanted to try sponge painting, but now I'm thinking just a flat ol' normal paint job will do.  I'm kinda stuck on brown.  Like, my sister did the blue thing, and a few years after she moved out I did the dark red thing (with the help I mentioned priviously and her cousin).  I don't want green, because it's Green Attack in the kitchen.  And my current living space has this blueish purplish color going on.  Which is pretty.  However, I decided that my cat, Dusk, has got some pretty colors on her.  Which is black and various shades of brown.  I have these two shades I was going to use.  The lighter one is a perfect match to the tan on her chest.  And the darker one was perfect too, until Dusk puked on my bed and I noticed it and the darker brown were the exact same color!  Sooo, yeah.

This is where it's okay for you to picture me looming over a line of puke with the color sample and comparing the two.

And ohmaigod, another bad thing with a green color?  You should have seen the color of the closet.  Like, gross.

And now Momma wants the kitchen ceiling and the living room painted.  She doesn't like the current color of the living room because, as we found out storeing sheetrock pieces in there, it's the exact same color as the sheetrock.  And the kitchen ceiling has looked weird since Daddy repaired it a year or two ago.  Yeah, no body even tried to get a color similar to the rest of the ceiling.

Then after painting, the flooring comes~!  Daddy's putting fake hardwood stuff in there like the entry hall, the parental bathroom, and my current living space has.  And of course finaly getting ceiling lights.

And then the boarders at the floor go in, and I can move back into the house like omg.

The new shower door closes!  It doesn't leak~!  It's even got this magnetic thing that snaps the door shut so it doesn't hang open, even a little bit.  I think it's smaller, if I gained weight I wouldn't fit.  It's got one of those single nobs now, and it's a flick of the wrist to turn it on, and another flick to turn it off.  Whereas the old nobs took many, many turns.  I think Daddy put the shower head in too low, but he says that's where it's supposed to be.  I can deal, so it's no big thing.

The new sink is twice as big as the old one.  It's a monster and dominates the tiny tiny tiny bathroom.  I had picked out a sink the same size as the old one (17in, shotty!) but Daddy had it half installed when he was all, "No, taking it back, getting a bigger one!"  So now there's this giant 30in monster in there.

When we went to get the bigger one, we got home and the top was shattered. So it took longer than it should have to get the sink because we had to run back down to Home Depot and get another.

The toilet is taller, more suited to an adult person instead of the short one that was in there, and is one of those eco friendly ones that uses less water or something.

Daddy had me clean the cover of the old fart fan.  Which is what we call the bathroom fan.  I clarify because Jenny didn't know what I was talking about when I called it a fart fan.  Anyway.  I was scrubbin' it down with an SOS pad and I'm looking at it and I'm all, "It's WHITE!  I didn't know it was supposed to be WHITE!"  Anyway, that's the only old thing still in the new bathroom.  I think someone painted it after I cleaned it, because it perfectly matches the white ceiling now.

Speaking of white.  That bathroom is so white.  The panels on the walls makes me think of Mexicans.  Which I can't decide is a good thing or not.  I love tacos and salsa, but I haven't seen a hot Mexican man.  Now, hot Hispanics, from like Spain or wherever, those I've seen. But anyway!  My oldest brother told me he wouldn't be able to go in my bathroom if he had a migraine.

Good!  Don't need to be going in there no way D:

But lemme tell you.  I found out the other day just why I started buying colored soap.  Because I bought these white bars, was using one the other night, and I dropped it.  I couldn't find it!  It's just so white in there!  My horrible eye sight was the problem here, but still.  It's back to buying the colored bars of soap.

There's also a light right above the medicine cabinet.  I'm so fancy now.  There's another storage cabinet, but I'm trying to rope my brother (not the migraine one) into building more shelves in the bathroom, as well as in the new closet.

The new closet, by the way, is going to be six inches or so taller than it was.  Because that's how bad off the floor was.  It's not like it's going to be some super massively tall closet, however.  It had a low ceiling to start with, due to roof placement, and still won't be a normal height.

I have to say, I'm so excited that I'm going to have a level floor.  And cable that comes through the walls, and not the ceiling.  And internet that comes through the walls, and not the floor.  And gas for the heater coming through the walls instead of the floor.  You have no idea how hard it was to clean behind the gas knob.

But I have to say the level floor takes priority. You have no idea D:.  I have pictures the demonstrate just how bad the room was before.

And, oh yeah, the new wood that got put in is treated so no friggin termites.  No friggin termite mound behind my wall so big it created a freaking giant lump in the wall and cracked the sheetrock on the other side.  I'd say no more termites attacking me in the middle of the night, but that only happened once.

And a floor that isn't caving in from water damage and termites!

Yeah, these are the problems you have with an old house built on the cheep.

Why, yes, I _am_ listening to early 90's country this morning.  "What's it to you?" harhar.
Current Music: Clay Walker - What's It To You
22 December 2009 @ 10:06 pm
Dude I so just realized I don't have any Dusk icons. Six of my current nine icons are of Miyu. Miyu's been gone for three years.

Dusk is freaking two years old and I haven't made any icons!

No, that's not true. I have plenty, but they all have my other internet name on them.

So here's my mental note, to make myself some "Clestelle" Dusk icons.

Or make a new LJ with my other internet name.

Or chose to start going by one of two other names I use on NexusTK. Whe~!

Why yes I did just make this a post.
30 October 2009 @ 06:50 pm
So, went to Netherworld last Friday with Jenny, Christine, and Weaver.  We saw some guy there who looked a lot like Charles, it was creepy.  He had long hair and if Charles Jones wasn't a jackass who just stopped talking to me I'd tell him he'd look awesome with long hair.

But anyway, apparantly even though Charles was interested in dating me at one point, he no longer gives a shit.


Tuesday Daddy started destroying my room.  I have pics from Thursday morning, before we started on the floor.  Today the bathroom got taken apart and tomarrow the rest of the floor goes.

Which means I'm out here in the clubhouse with my kitty.  It's being called my "house."  It gets all dark and creepy in here at night.  And in the morning I get woken up by roosters.

21 May 2009 @ 10:30 am
I've had DokuNet for 7 years now.   Wow has it really been that long?  I haven't updated it much since before I got a job---four years ago.  It's just kinda been sitting there, collecting dust.

And every year since I stopped updateing, I've been asking myself---do I really want to renew it this year?

And I just fight with myself until the last minute.

But like the loyal pack rat I am, I keep renewing it.  The excuse is always, "Might as well."  Over and over.  Chucking my money into a black hole that doesn't suck up my life as much as it once did.

I still make graphics---layouts, banners, whatnot---but I don't update Crimson Blood Graphics anymore.  All the graphics I've been making have been intended for my new website project.  Which is sitting here, built up to a decent size on my portable harddrive, collecting a little less dust that DokuNet.  And yet it goes unpublished.

Anyway, it's that time of year again.  I started getting the notices a month ago but just keep forgetting.  I remembered today, that I should toss my money in the toilet for another year.  Since I wanted to keep DokuNet until my new website was established.

My hosting expires on the 23rd, I could renew it.
My domain expires on the 28th, but I can't renew it.

With the new system my domain has ((which is the same system as the hosting, but for some reason my accounts arn't linked??!?)) it doesn't think my domain belongs to me.  I ask it for a way to get it to link, but it keeps sending the emails to my mother's email.  My mother's old email.  From way back in the day.  From when we had CompuShit to log onto the internet.

To get them to change the emails to where I need it to be, I have to fax them.
Utility bill
Driver's licence

To prove who I am.


I guess I could always let it expire, and buy it up again.  But...I don't know.  It just doesn't seem worth it...

It was a nice run DokuNet, but you're just not worth it anymore.

I'm going to go mine my server now.  bbl

Current Mood: sadsad
07 February 2009 @ 07:45 pm
I am so tired of not being paid right.

It's like they think, "Well, maybe if we pay her for the routes she does, she won't notice we're not paying her for the other stuff she does!"

Which does _not_ explain that one time that they did not pay me for an entire route!

I'm missing six hours on this paycheck.

This is the FOURTH mistake in THREE months!

It makes me wonder what mistakes were made before I started to pay attention!

(Why, yes, my stupid self DID go over three years thinking management did the right thing.)



You are TRAINED to do this.  You are PAID to do this.

Do it right!

Sometimes, I think you people LIKE me getting all up in your face.
16 January 2009 @ 05:39 pm
Welcome, welcome, I hope you've come to my abode in good health.  Oh, who am I kidding, everyone who comes here is here for but one reason or two.  Firstly, we are widely known as the Greatest John Church, the other?

To rub the Dusk Belly.

Rub the belly, make a wish.  Should the Dusk be happy and pleased, your wish shall be granted with a pleased rumble of content.  Should the Dusk let loose a squeek-like meow, feel blessed.  This is her greatest compliment.

But should the Dusk be angry, feel the wrath as your face is ripped clean away and eternal damnation cast upon your soul.

Should the Dusk fall from the alter, fear for it is then that great destruction shall be visited upon you and yours.  The Fall of the Dusk has caused many earthquakes, has brought fire from the tops of mountains, and sometimes causes the heavens to open up in a mighty storm.

After you have rubbed the belly, feel free to stop in with John.  However, this is the only place you can find a Dusk, and you can find John anywhere.  But John is greatly benevolent under this roof.

A cat lays upon a desk on her back.  A look that says, "RUB MEH BELLAY" is on her face.  What do you do?